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If we want to solve the problem of homelessness it’s pretty simple: Sober him up…Clean him up…Put him to work. Why? Because work works!

When an able-bodied guy gets to work it does so many things. It pays for food, shelter and something even more important: it gives a man the esteem to be a healthy, productive, member of society.

How do we know all this? From years of experience. We know blind compassion does nothing to promote self-esteem and self-respect. Handing a dollar to an alcoholic helps him stay drunk. And programs that takes responsibility away from a capable person dehumanizes that person.

At step 13 we instill in each resident the value of independence, individual responsibility, self-sufficiency and industriousness. Each resident is given the time he needs to turn his life around provided he follows three simple rules:

• No drinking or drugs --we give Antabuse daily as an added incentive to stay sober.
• He holds a job --if an able-bodied resident can't find one we'll provide him short-term work at one of our in-house companies.
• He pays us a fee. This ensures he has skin in the game and re-enforces the idea of paying for a place to live.

Provided a resident stays with our program long enough, he becomes a self-supporting, contributing member of society. About one in three do. Considering a recent government study found that alcoholics and addicts receiving government benefits, 99 out of 100 do not maintain their sobriety or become gainfully employed.

Right now Step 13 is home to 100 men. Some work in our in-house businesses-others work for local companies. At step, we follow our own free-market philosophy. We accept no government money -- we're a private-sector solution through and through. A little more than half of our budget comes from residents' fees. The rest comes from our in-house businesses and from people like you (donation page) who believe in our philosophy and our success. If we were to become dependent on government money we would experience the same bad effects as it does on people who rely on the system.

At Step13 we believe “Work works!” Do you need a hand with a special project? Don’t want to pay exorbitant prices and still want to help a guy out? Step13 can help you with your labor needs. We make our residents available for all kinds of work including:

• Painting
• Moving
• Yard Work
•Skilled labor (e.g. carpentry, electrical, dry wall) Call for availability.

Work orders can fill up quickly -- especially in the summer. Please call early to ensure men are available for your project! Step13 does require a minimum 24 hour notice for requests.

Please call us at (303) 295-STEP to discuss your project and let’s see how we can help you!

Donate to Step 13 today!

You can help serve men seeking complete recovery from their addiction. Please click the Donate button below and to join us in our mission with a financial contribution!

Other Ways to Support Step 13

Please consider joining us and support men who are ready to end their addictions.  You can contact us directly to learn how to directly effect the lives of our men.

Step 13
2029 Larimer Street
Denver, CO  80205
(303) 295-7837

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