Detail Works

Want your vehicle to have that "new car feel?" At DetailWorks, we'll detail every inch of your vehicle. Every speck will be removed from the carpets, with the seats and dashboard cleaned and rejuvenated, and wash and wax that’ll make your whole vehicle shimmer and shine like it did in the dealer's showroom.

Having your car detailed is a win-win situation. Our prices are competitive. You won’t find anyone cheaper! Residents are also learning-a-trade while earning-a-wage. This is what we call building “community wealth.” Everybody makes out here.

With DetailWorks you can drop off your car at our Larimer Street facilities and we’ll handle it. We’re just two (2) blocks from Coors Field. Say you’re wanting to catch a Rockies game. Don’t want to pay for parking? Want to come back to a clean vehicle? Call us and schedule an appointment!

Step 13 will also come to you! Thanks to our mobile detail unit, we take away the inconvenience of having to drop off your car and arrange for rides. Just set up an appointment and we can come to your place of business and have your car all detailed and ready to go by the time you leave work!

To schedule an auto detail and get a quote please call (303) 295-STEP or send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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